A Harvard Course, a Bestselling Author, and a Live National Event

Would you sacrifice one life to save five? Is it okay to steal a drug your child needs to survive?

These are the questions Professor Michael J. Sandel poses in his legendary course and New York Times-bestseller Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do?

Sandel’s class on moral philosophy is consistently the most popular at Harvard, with over 1,000 students at a time. On November 7th, we’re taking his accessible approach directly to readers with a national, live, interactive format called teleforum. It’s a new form of the traditional author reading, one where readers can join in from anywhere in the country.

All you need to participate is a telephone. Broadnet‘s teleforum enables readers to interact with an author directly, answering his questions and responding with your own. Simply sign up in advance and we call you as the event begins. It’s completely free.

Sandel debating “The Moral Side of Murder”:

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