FSG Poetry Month 2019

“Poetry is the art of creating imaginary gardens with real toads.” —Marianne Moore

The best time of year is here again—happy National Poetry Month! Celebrate all month with exclusive Work in Progress features, from essays to conversations to poetry excerpts, honoring the inspiring poets who have expanded and challenged our view of the world.

Also, the FSG Poetry Hotline is back! Each day, you can call 385-DIAL-FSG (385-342-5374) to hear our President and resident poet Jonathan Galassi recite a favorite poem. There will be a different poem each weekday, so keep calling!

And don’t forget to check back in here for the latest conversations, poems, and original pieces to kickstart your month.

Writing to a Single Listener, Katie Peterson and Louise Glück in conversation

Poetry and Philosophy Revisited, an essay by John Koethe

Fiddle Music, an essay by Devin Johnston

Bivalves, an essay by Carl Phillips

Seeds in the Soil, an essay by Nina MacLaughlin

The Antiguans, an essay by Rowan Ricardo Phillips

The Bones of Language, an essay by Katie Peterson