FSG Poetry Month

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Poetry Month

The madness of March is past, and true to form—here in New York, at least—“lifeless in appearance, sluggish / dazed spring approaches.” What does that mean? It’s National Poetry Month! Starting today, we will regularly post new pieces related to all things poetry. Expect original essays on the lives and works of John Ashbery, Marianne Moore, James Wright, and Robert Lowell; a conversation between Peter Cole and Christian Wiman; excerpts from new and forthcoming books; and much more. And we’re reviving last year’s FSG Poetry Hotline, this time in collaboration with the Academy of American Poets. A new poem, read by the poet, will be posted on the answering machine every weekday (call 949-DIAL-FSG).

We recommend bookmarking this page. We’ll be collecting all of our National Poetry Month material here as it is posted, for “’tis a month before the month of May, / And the Spring comes slowly up this way.”

Poetry Month

Karin Roffman on John Ashbery

Heather Cass White on Editing Marianne Moore

Peter Cole and Christian Wiman In Conversation

Remembering Charlie (C. K.) Williams by Tzvetan Todorov

English 206 by John Koethe

So Where Are We by Lawrence Joseph