FSG Poetry Month

May marks the end of Poetry Month, 2015. We had a wonderful run, celebrating with a number of essays, profiles, and, yes, poems. They include a brilliantly insightful essay by Rowan Ricardo Phillips on the genius of Charles Wright, a cunningly bizarre piece from Toby Barlow that puts Derek Walcott in the same elevator as the cast from Star Trek, Garth Greenwell’s perceptive evaluation of Frank Bidart’s haunting “Herbert White,” and a remarkably keen appreciation of Pablo Neruda from Casey Rocheteau.

We also put together a new Poetry Quiz and posted a Daily Poem from the FSG coffers, selected by our staff and authors. These include favorites from the likes of Janet Malcolm, Laura van den Berg, Rosecrans Baldwin, John Freeman, Stuart Dybek, Héctor Tobar, and many others. You can see the full list below.

We’ll be back at it again next year, and in the meantime, keep checking back for our ongoing pieces on the lyrical endeavors at FSG.

Daily Poems:
4/01 – “The Night Migrations” by Louise Glück. Selected by Laura van den Berg.

4/02 – “1 CORINTHIANS 13” by Spencer Reece. Selected by Rosecrans Baldwin.

4/03 – “The Whitsun Weddings” by Philip Larkin. Selected by Jeff Seroy.

4/04 – “How much happens in a day” by Pablo Neruda. Translated by Alastair Reid. Selected by Vicki Genna.

4/05 – “When all the others were away at Mass” by Seamus Heaney.

4/06 – “In the Greenhouse” by Eugenio Montale. Translated by Jonathan Galassi. Selected by Stuart Dybek

4/07 – “From March 1979” by Tomas Tranströmer. Translated by Robin Robertson. Selected by Jill McLaughlin.

4/08 – “Rubaiyat” by Lawrence Joseph. Selected by John Freeman

4/09 – “Mr. Pou & the Alphabet—which he do not like” by John Berryman. Selected by Steven Pfau.

4/10 – “Spring Dawn” by Meng Hao-Jan. Translated by David Hinton. Selected by Brian Gittis

4/11 – “The Railway Children” by Seamus Heaney. Selected by Brian Gittis.

4/12 – “El Golem” by Jorge Luis Borges. Translated by Alan S. Trueblood. Selected by Bobby Wicks.

4/13 – “It Isn’t Me” by James Lasdun. Selected by Michael Hofmann

4/14 – “Five Flights Up” by Elizabeth Bishop. Selected by Spencer Reece.

4/15 – “Brennende Liebe” by Louise Glück. Selected by Janet Malcolm.

4/16 – “Aubade” by Philip Larkin. Selected by Will Wolfslau.

4/17 – “Ruin” by Federico García Lorca. Translated by Greg Simon and Steven F. White. Selected by Laird Gallagher

4/18 – “The Doe” by C. K. Williams. Selected by Cote Smith.

4/19 – “Late in the Long Apprenticeship” by Carl Phillips. Selected by Jo Stewart

4/20 – “After a Storm” by Christian Wiman. Selected by John Knight.

4/21 – “When I was beautiful” by Averill Curdy. Selected by Ange Mlinko.

4/22 – “May 24, 1980” by Joseph Brodsky. Selected by Paul Murray.

4/23 – “Drams” by Carol Ann Duffy. Selected by Ian Bonaparte.

4/24 – “Tonight I Can Write” by Pablo Neruda. Translated by W. S. Merwin. Selected by Zia Haider Rahman.

4/25 – “A Careful Passion” by Derek Walcott. Selected by Daniel del Valle.

4/26 – “Moss Lake” by Maureen N. McLane. Selected by Nora Barlow.

4/27 – “Here Come the Drum Majorettes!” by James Fenton. Selected by Joshua Mehigan

4/28 – “Death” by Federico Garcia Lorca. Translated by Greg Simon and Steven F. White.
Selected by David Means.

4/29 – “If We Knew the Point” by Roberto Juarróz. Translated by W. S. Merwin. Selected by Andrés Neuman.

4/30 – “Lazy Gods, Lazy Fate” by Patrizia Cavalli. Translated by Gini Alhadeff. Selected by Sarah Scire.