Acceptance, Annotated

Jeff VanderMeer

This is the third time I’ve annotated Southern Reach text at—this time from the beginning of Acceptance. I went a little metafictional this time, a little bit “found object,” too. I repurposed some scene fragments that didn’t make it into the trilogy and added some new text in the form of entries from Whitby Allen’s personal journal. In a potentially risky move I also included some of science director’s Mike Cheney’s shambolic novel-in-progress “Control,” in which he tries to make sense of the new director of the Southern Reach . . . although I think he’s really trying to make sense of his own experiences. Last but not least, no annotations would be complete without a reappearance of the Séance & Science Brigade.

But that’s not all! I invited Tom Abba from the U.K. to create a “shadow page” of annotations that depict what might’ve happened to Southern Reach staff left behind at the end of Authority. Abba is a director of Circumstance, which develops methods to link physical books to codependent digital content. 2015 will see publication of the first in a series of anthologies—‘a Volume of Circumstance’, containing work made in collaboration with Audrey Niffenegger, Tom Pollock, Nick Harkaway, Stark Holborn, and Lauren Beukes.

—Jeff VanderMeer

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Acceptance is the third volume in Jeff VanderMeer’s Southern Reach Trilogy, which was published throughout 2014. Area X, the hardcover compendium of the three books, was released in November.

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