Editorial Minutes, January 1974

From the Archives

“As one who has been around FSG for a very long time, I often find treasures of our past. Among the memorabilia are brass stamping dies which I use as paperweights and an old loose leaf notebook marked ‘office memos’ covering about 10 years from the mid ’50s through the mid ’60s. I hadn’t gone to that notebook in quite some time but had occasion to recently. As I was leafing through — noting the memo that granted staffers 1/2 day for Christmas shopping — a crumpled set of papers fell out from between some pages. I flattened this now-accordion-shaped document to find these editorial meeting notes from 1974. Reading them, I was reminded of that time long before email and technology when there was typing, copying, and interoffice mail delivery bringing the house’s news to the staff.”

Joy Isenberg, SVP, Director of Operations

Click to view FSG’s Editorial Minutes: January 15th, 1974. . .

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