A Few of Rosamond Bernier’s Lives

It’s easy to be simultaneously envious of and seduced by Rosamond Bernier’s life. She’s struck friendships with seemingly every great artist of the 20th century, from Braque to Picasso, Bourgeois to Warhol. (This is addition to her journalism for fashion magazines like Vogue.)

As cofounder of the art magazine L’OEIL, Bernier amassed an impressive archive of photographs, some of which she’s shared with us. Highlights include a double portrait with her late husband John Russell (a wedding present from Richard Avedon), an oversized birthday card from David Hockney, and Pablo Picasso’s inscription in Bernier’s copy of El Entierro del Conde de Orgaz.

Some of My Lives: A Scrapbook Memoir will be published in October.

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