Nerd Jeopardy at the New York Lit Crawl

The last Nerd Jeopardy went so well, we decided to bring it back for the annual Lit Crawl. It’s essentially a bar crawl with literary events added on top. As such, there will be a few key changes.

Firstly, this will be a condensed and very quick version of “Jeopardy!”, with only one round before Final Jeopardy. Second, we expect a slightly more tipsy crowd than usual, so heckling will be encouraged. Third, it will be in a bar.

If you haven’t been to our literary trivia night, the format is pretty simple. Imagine regular “Jeopardy!”, but excise the questions about psychics and European history. Add a few categories about books and pop culture, and let teams of three compete over glory, respect, and assorted prizes.

Update: contestants will be up against a formidable team of FSG authors: Will Hermes, Paul LaFarge, and Alina Simone. Combined they’re like Ken Jennings, if Ken Jennings graduated from an MFA program and went to rock shows.

Saturday, September 10th, 2011
310 Lounge
310 Bowery (between 1st and 2nd st.), NYC

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