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“A hilariously searing critique of who we are and how we survive in a modern world.”
—Lauren Sarazen, Shondaland

Who knew what was true.The sheer density of information and misinformation at the End, encapsulated in news articles and message-board theories and clickbait traps that had propagated hysterically through retweets and shares, had effectively rendered us more ignorant, more helpless, more innocent in our stupidity.

We Googled is there a god, clicked I’m Feeling Lucky, and were directed to a suicide hotline site.

The first place you live alone, away from your family, he said, is the first place you become a person, the first place you become yourself.

The future just wants more consumers. The future is more newly arrived college grads and tourists in some fruitless search for authenticity. The future is more overpriced Pabsts at dive-bar simulacrums. Something something Rousseau something.

“Gripping and original.”
—Trine Tsouderos,
Chicago Tribune

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