Farrar, Straus and Giroux Congratulates our 2023 Booker Prize Longlist Authors

The Bee Sting by Paul Murray is an irresistibly funny, wise, and thought-provoking tour de force about family, fortune, and the struggle to be a good person when the world is falling apart. Booker judges said, “Paul Murray’s saga, The Bee Sting, set in the Irish Midlands, brilliantly explores how our secrets and self-deceptions ultimately catch up with us. This family drama, told from multiple perspectives, is at once hilarious and heartbreaking, personal and epic. It’s an addictive read.” | BUY NOW 

If I Survive You by Jonathan Escoffery is a major debut, blazing with style and heart, that follows a Jamaican family striving for more in Miami. Booker judges called Escoffery’s debut, “[a]n astonishingly assured debut novel, lauded by the panel for its clarity, variety and fizzing prose. As the stories move back and forth through geography and time, we are confronted by the immigrants’ eternal questions: who am I now and where do I belong?” | BUY NOW 

Western Lane by Chetna Maroo is a taut, enthralling first novel about grief, sisterhood, and a young athlete’s struggle to transcend herself. The Booker judges wrote, “Skilfully deploying the sport of squash as both context and metaphor, Western Lane is a deeply evocative debut about a family grappling with grief, conveyed through crystalline language which reverberates like the sound ‘of a ball hit clean and hard . . . with a close echo’.” | BUY NOW